Pipe Unblocker

Have you ever had problems with clogging in your sinks or bathtubs? Blockages in the pipes cause overflows, unpleasant odors and can damage your equipment.

Our drain opener solves blockages in sinks, basins, showers and bathtubs. Say goodbye to residue, hair, dirt, waste and food scraps clogging your drains.

Made of durable stainless steel, our drain cleaner is built to last. The PP material handle provides a comfortable and easy grip.

Our ferret pipe has a four-pronged gripper providing a powerful grip. The blockage will not fall off easily once caught.

Our unblocker is easy to use. Insert it deep into the drain and squeeze the handle to remove blockages.

Our 1.6 meter long unclog ferret is versatile and can get deep into sewer pipes. It easily unblocks sinks, basins, floor drains, and more.

⚠️Don’t let clogs stop you, choose our drain cleaner now!⚠️