Effective treatment spray for internal hemorrhoids

Anal discomfort caused by internal hemorrhoids can be extremely disturbing, making daily activities difficult and impairing quality of life.

Our effective internal hemorrhoid treatment spray is specially designed to provide instant and long-lasting relief, while being easy to use and respectful of your comfort.

Our spray effectively treats internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other discomforts. Simple application, without direct contact, instant results.

Our spray soothes, cleans and cools inflamed areas, providing long-lasting comfort for internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other discomforts.

Our spray is formulated with natural and botanical ingredients such as houttuynia cordata, dandelion, honeysuckle and purslane, providing effective relief without unwanted side effects.

Our spray prevents hemorrhoids and fissures by preventing contact with hemorrhoidal tissue, promoting the recovery of damaged tissue and preventing infections.

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